Ubermetrics Launches New “Instant Insights” Feature for PR Pros

Ubermetrics Launches New “Instant Insights” Feature for PR Pros
4. June 2019 Ubermetrics

Ubermetrics Launches New “Instant Insights” Feature for PR Pros

Ubermetrics jetzt mit"Instant Insights" für PR-Profis

Ubermetrics is happy to announce our newest feature: Instant Insights. This new feature enables all Ubermetrics users to run ad hoc analyses (and reports) on custom queries no matter how complex the media monitoring search agent and data set is.

Users can, for example, not only effectively monitor entire industries but they can also generate new actionable insights about trends, topics, influencers and communication channels.

On top of that, with Instant Insights, our AI-driven NER analysis is even more precise and enables communicators to quickly identify relevant people, topics and organisations – as well as their relationships – within large quantities of data.

With just a few clicks, PR pros find what they need:

  • Trends and future topics;
  • Inspiration for new and successful content;
  • Channels and media sources that are relevant for any target publics and content strategies;
  • Relevant influencers within the many authors of various topical areas;
  • Development and consolidation of market knowledge, required for planning communication strategies.

Here are three great applications of the new Instant Insights feature:

#1 – Use “Instant Insights” to Identify Influencers Fast

You’re already working on a content piece and are looking for the right interview partner or an influencer for a collaboration? With Instant Insights, you find the right experts for your topical sphere within a few seconds.

#2 – Intuitively Choose Platforms and Channels Where Relevant Topics Are Discussed

Where and when does relevant communication around your brand or customers take place? With Instant Insights, you can identify and analyse topical discussions across all media types, channels and geographies and integrate those into your communication activities.

#3 – NER Analysis: Improved Identification of People, Topics, and Organisations

Ubermetrics now also combines Artificial Intelligence with Instant Insights: Our NER analysis (read: automatic identification of people, topics and organisations – and their relationships) shows people and organisations present within topical contexts. And, said results can now be even further refined in real time.

All filters can be transferred to the list of mentions in order to easily evaluate the results of the NER analysis:

“Instant Insights” – FAQs:

How can I use “Instant Insights” to identify the relevant results of my daily coverage?

With Instant Insights, Ubermetrics customers can use and even combine ad hoc filters in order to identify the most relevant mentions within a few clicks – even when evaluation criteria changes.

How do I work effectively with “Instant Insights” when dealing with truly complex topics?

Instant Insights offers various filter options and when you combine these with broad topical searches, you can generate new insights at any time – even for the most specific topics. You can also easily save such analyses in individual dashboards and reports and use them as templates for future analyses.

How do I identify upcoming trends with “Instant Insights”? 

There are many different indicators for upcoming trends, for example when a niche topic is all of a sudden increasingly mentioned online. With Instant Insights, you can recognise and analyse such signals more easily as well as understand how you can use them within your own communication activities.

How do I find relevant influencers with”Instant Insights”?

The list of potential influencers – even for very specific topics – can be very long and complex. Who is already established within the respective field and perceived as a real influencer by target publics? With Instant Insights, you can filter for specific criteria and pick the most relevant influencers out of thousands of influencers within just a few clicks.

How can I identify relevant media sources with “Instant Insights”?

Ubermetrics monitors more than 460 million of online sources for relevant mentions and will find sources that are relevant for your content and target groups.


All new “Instant Insights” functionalities are available for all Ubermetrics clients now.

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