Social Listening Tool for PR Professionals

Social Listening tool for PR professionals

Stay informed and measure your performance with our 360° media monitoring platform


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Social Listening – Monitor all relevant communication channels in real-time

Our Social Listening tool, Ubermetrics Delta, processed information from more than 400 million public communication channels every day. Identify key conversations across all media types, geographies and languages.

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Real-Time Insights

Smarter decision making with insights from online and offline sources in a single, comprehensive solution.

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Virality Analysis

Measure viral paths for all types of media, including social, and track distribution in real time.

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Sentiment Analysis

Identify critical sentiment or conversation volume changes in real-time and react immediately with smart alerting.

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Author Analysis

Identify key influencers and influence paths across media channels.

Virality Analysis

As the amount of publicly available information explodes online, the ability to analyse virality and influence has become critical to business success. Ubermetrics Delta includes unique virality analysis capabilities to examine information spread based on links, retweets, and comments that accurately predict virality and identify key influencers.

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Excellent customer support

Take advantage of regular personal and online webinars with our highly experienced customer support team. Learn about best practices in Social Media Monitoring and maximise productivity.

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PR Reporting

Use pre-defined reporting templates or easily create customised reports with drag & drop capabilities. Add custom pages at any time. Brand it with your own logo, change headlines, insert text, and include key metrics to demonstrate impact.

Easily send results to colleagues or customers and automatically share interactive PDF reports with as many people as you like. Answer requests instantly and create reports with the push of a button. Take advantage of daily, weekly, or monthly reports and share them across the organisation as appropriate. Export charts as PDF, JPG, PNG or SVG.

Our Social Listening tool processes information 24/7 and provides customisable reports that keep you and your team up-to-date.

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Ubermetrics Delta recognized in Social Media Monitoring based on user reviews

G2 Crowd, the global user-based software review platform, recognised Ubermetrics Delta as a ‘High Performer’ within Social Media Monitoring.