Ubermetrics – Media monitoring Technologies

Smarter decision making
with Media Monitoring

Analyze public information streams to extract critical information and make better business decisions

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Customers use Ubermetrics for

Marketing / PR

  • Harness public information to
    improve campaign effectiveness


  • Develop effective strategy
    for fast-paced markets


  • Identify highly qualified prospects
    and sales opportunities

Supply Chain Management

  • Detect indirect supplier problems
    before they impact supply chains

Don‘t let information overload dumb down corporate decision making.
Upgrade your company intelligence with Ubermetrics Media Monitoring

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Start listening

Every minute, massive amounts of information is produced – documents, tweets, blogs, and news – public information that companies fail to systematically evaluate to gain valuable insights about their customers, products, competition, and suppliers.

Find conversations that matter

Ubermetrics Delta extracts the most relevant documents, facts and statistics from unstructured public communication in real time to help support and guide your business. Make the best decisions based on the critical information you need to know!

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Turn data into action

Ubermetrics Delta extracts meaningful real-time information from more than 400 million online sources in over 60 languages. We analyze 40.000 documents every minute to ensure that your business decisions are based on the best information available.

Communication is versatile and so is Ubermetrics Media Monitoring. See how our customer use our tool today.

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Online and Offline

  • Access all information in a single, comprehensive solution

Powerful Virality Analysis

  • Identifies and prioritizes key influencers
  • Visualizes information flow and influence paths

Fastest Data Processing

  • Processes 10x more data than competitors
  • Delivers real-time results regardless of terms and volume

Highest Data Security

  • Adheres to strict EU privacy regulations
  • Staggered staging system
  • “Defense in depth” provides multiple security layers