Ubermetrics – Identify the needle in the haystack and turn it into a missle

Identify the needle in the haystack
and turn it into a missile

Analyze public information streams to extract
critical information and make better business decisions

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Every minute, hundreds of thousands of documents, tweets, blogs, and news are published – public information that companies fail to systematically evaluate to gain valuable insights about their customers, products, competition, and suppliers.

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Ubermetrics Delta is built on the belief that every company should be armed with the best information possible to support and guide their business decisions. Our high-performance stream processing engine extracts the most relevant documents, facts, and statistics from unstructured public communication in real time.

Make the best decisions based on the critical facts you need to know!

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Ubermetrics Delta extracts meaningful real-time information from more than 400 million online sources in over 60 languages. We analyze 40.000 documents every minute to support and guide your business decisions.

Communication is versatile and so is Ubermetrics Delta. See how our customer use us today.

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