Our solutions

Ubermetrics Technologies is the center of excellence for research and development in the UNICEPTA Group (link opens in a new window) .

With our strong team of software developers and AI experts, we develop advanced AI-based solutions and applications for decision-makers in communication, marketing and other strategic business areas.

For more impact. For better decisions. For more success.


Big Data

Every minute, immense amounts of information are being published. With our platform, we capture over 460 million sources from online and offline media in real-time.


Our platform processes 10 times more data than our competitors and delivers real-time results regardless of search query volume.

AI Analysis

Using machine learning methods and Natural Language Processing, we provide relevant insights such as sentiment or virality.

Realtime Insights

Data and insights are immediately available and provided via user-friendly dashboards or API.

Who we work for

Clients of the UNICEPTA Group (link opens in a new window) rely on our media intelligence solutions to manage their day-to-day communications and strategic issues. These include global corporations and organizations as well as leading mid-sized companies.


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Our research

We also prove our technological competence in the context of publicly funded AI research projects.

We focus on Big Data technology and AI-based content analysis, and collaborate closely with other research institutions such as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), leading institutes and universities.

We utilize the insights generated in state-of-the-art applications for leading global companies and organizations.


Our projects

AI Marketer, AI Marketplace or Qurator – we contribute our expertise to various publicly funded research projects

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Our partners

Research needs expertise and networking. That is why we work together with many renowned institutions and organizations including the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Fraunhofer and leading universities.

Sensing What’s Next

Ubermetrics is owned by UNICEPTA, a global leading solution provider for media, marketing and corporate intelligence.

Using AI-driven technologies and human expertise, UNICEPTA captures and analyzes data from media and other sources. The resulting insights help companies and organizations make better decisions. True to the claim »Sensing What's Next«.

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