Executive News Briefings

In the style of a modern interactive digital magazine, the Executive News Briefing provides professionals with the most important topics and news of the day. Communication teams, executives and other internal stakeholder groups get a high-quality overview and data-based insights on everything they need to know. Across all media and channels. Designed for mobile devices.

This cutting-edge solution is based on our AI-based crawling technology, which captures and processes content from more than 460 million sources from print, online, social media, radio and TV. Each post includes key metrics such as reach, engagement or tonality.


Big Data

Using AI-powered crawling technology, the Executive News Briefing includes content from 460 million sources across all media.


Editorial summaries on the top issues give executives a quick and precise overview. And if they want to dive deeper, they can access the original content with just one click.

Social Media

Relevant social media posts from owned and earned media can be captured at a glance, including the most important KPIs on reach, virality and engagement.

Interactive and responsive

A one-stop shop for all monitoring needs - delivered in an interactive solution and optimised for all mobile devices.

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