Evalitech is a funded project of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to develop an AI-based evaluation metric to capture innovation events and research performance in science.


PLASS stands for "Platform for Analytical Supply Chain Management Services". The project is part of the technology program Smart Data Economy and is funded by the BMWi.
In this project Ubermetrics was responsible for the sub-project "Automated mining of sources for supply chain value information and processing on a platform".


QURATOR stands for Curation Technologies, subproject “Media Intelligence and Risk Monitoring“. The QURATOR alliance receives subsidies from the German research ministry. The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence is one of the research partners.

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AI Market Place

Ubermetrics is involved in the subproject “Intelligent Product Monitoring“, which is aimed at researching and developing AI-based monitoring of online content. AI Market Place is subsidized by the German economy ministry.  
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What we are researching

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