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Ubermetrics Delta processes data from more than 460 million sources from online and offline media in real time. These include blogs, news, forums, journals and social networks such as Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter or YouTube.

In this way, we ensure that we can always provide users with all relevant information to enable them to make better decisions.

With the help of proprietary algorithms, the virality of hits is analysed based on retweets, links and comments. Ubermetrics Delta visualises the linking structure of articles and comments across media segments to quickly find content that is relevant to users.


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The complete PR performance at a glance

Ubermetrics Delta makes the impact of PR activities visible. In real-time. All insights are visualised and provided in a state-of-the-art dashboard.

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Virality Analysis

Measure viral paths for all types of media, including social, and track distribution in real time.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify critical sentiment or conversation volume changes in real-time and react immediately with smart alerting.

Influencer Analysis

Identify key influencers and influence paths across media channels.

Performance Analysis

Monitor competitors' activities and measure their success against your own.

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