AI Content Analysis

The increasing amount of data requires new solutions that enable companies to capture what is happening in the world. In real-time and as efficiently as possible. Previous methods are often too slow, too inaccurate or too expensive.

At Ubermetrics Technologies, we work with our specialists on innovative solutions in the field of AI-driven content analysis.

Our models can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. This is in the DNA of the UNICEPTA Group, of which Ubermetrics has been a part since 2021.


Entity Recognition

Using a machine learning approach, we recognise a variety of entities such as products, companies, people or places.

Sentiment Detection

It is not only about what is said somewhere, but also how. Our AI-driven models automatically recognise the sentiment in texts.

Entity Extraction

Our models are able to understand the relationships between entities and events. This enables us to identify actionable signals.

Big Query Integration

To be able to reliably manage and provide large amounts of data, we integrate our data into a data warehouse.

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Would you like to learn more about our expertise in AI-based analysis? Please reach out to our colleagues at UNICEPTA (link opens in a new window) who will be happy to help you.

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