At Ubermetrics, we develop first-class technologies and solutions to automatically detect, structure and analyse the increasing amount of publicly available information from online and offline sources. From over 460 million sources, the Ubermetrics platform processes hundreds of pieces of content per second.

As a result, clients of UNICEPTA Group (link opens in a new window)  – including leading global companies and organisations – receive data-driven insights from UNICEPTA analysts with regard to their daily communications and marketing management and strategic decision-making.

We have proven expertise in research and development, and participate in publicly funded research projects.



Our technologies and innovations have a strong foundation in various disciplines such as Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Data Science, Information Retrieval, Information Visualisation, Bioinformatics and UX Design.


We develop our solutions in close cooperation with internal and external experts in technology, science and business.


Ubermetrics is a spin-off from Humboldt University of Berlin, and has continuously been developing its platform since 2011.


We focus on what we really are best at: Research and development of solutions that deliver real added value. In doing so, we closely collaborate with our colleagues from UNICEPTA.

Sensing What’s Next

Ubermetrics is owned by UNICEPTA, a global leading solution provider for media, marketing and corporate intelligence.

Using AI-driven technologies and human expertise, UNICEPTA captures and analyzes data from media and other sources. The resulting insights help companies and organizations make better decisions. True to the claim »Sensing What's Next«.

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