Corporate Intelligence

With our corporate intelligence solutions, we help companies to extract actionable signals from publicly available information. To do this, we rely on our Big Data technology as well as machine learning processes and event extraction. This enables us to identify a variety of entities such as products, companies or locations from information and to understand relationships between defined events.



Crawling through more than 460 million source from online media and social media using Big Data Technology.

Entity Recognition

Using a Machine Learning Approach, we can recognize a wide variety of entities such as products, companies, people, or locations.

Signal Extraction

The model understands complex entity relationships and events in which they were involved. Duplicates can be removed and hidden insights and information are uncovered.


Our customers receive the relevant results via API, Web Interface, File or Daily mail.

Call to Action

Corporate intelligence solutions can help companies to catch opportunies and potential risks with regard to their supply chain, ESG topics or sales activities at the earliest possible time.

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