About us

About us

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Ubermetrics is a leading provider of cloud-based media and analytics software. We help customers quickly identify critical information from online, print, TV, and radio sources in real time to optimize business decisions and performance in PR, marketing, and supply chain management.

Covering a 360° view, we ensure capturing all relevant insights from more than 400 million broad and industry specific sources as well as trade registers and patent registrations. We are going to process over 50.000 relevant documents in over 70 languages in the next minute alone, and will notify our customer within seconds once something relevant happens.

Several features help filter and analyze key metrics such as number of mentions, followers, comments, shares, retweets, sentiment, as well as Ubermetrics’s unique Virality Score. PDF reports with pre-defined or personalized templates can be shared across the organization to demonstrate impact.

Finally, Ubermetrics deploys and controls all parts of the employed technology stack, assuring continuous technical improvements and quick implementation processes.