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Social Media Monitoring API

Delta’s social media monitoring API provides everything you need to integrate data into your database, data warehouse or to power your own media monitoring application.

Mentions API

With Delta’s social media monitoring API you can get mentions of your search agents with all relevant metadata (virality, author information). Use filters to recall only data you really need.


Analytics API

Aggregate mentions and analyze authors and sources. Get data to display in charts with a single API call.

Configuration API

Create and edit search agents, alerts and reports. Manage login accesses, permissions and settings.

Reseller API

Quickly create, deactivate and manage accounts directly from the API.

Easily Visualize

Build awesome dashboards and analytics for yourself or a client through easy API calls.

Data Stream

Get all mentions from the web or social media in real-time. Let real time data streams flow directly into your product or data warehouse.


All-in-one solution

Use Ubermetrics API to monitor millions of sources from Web, Print, Tv and Radio.In more than 40 languages. All integrated in one powerful API.


API First

We love our API. All features are therefore available through API.

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