‘With Ubermetrics, we get an complete overview of our most important brand mentions and relevant content.’

Ubermetrics supports primarily in the area of Brand Monitoring and in identifying newsworthy topics in various online channels that we can integrate on our corporate blog.

As one of the biggest German online merchants, is a leading company in the electronics sector. We are the first choice for more than five million visitors per month who are looking for the most recent trends and the best deals. We managed to establish ourselves in a dynamic and competitive market and created a unique shopping experience while combining E-commerce, system house and stationary retail trade. 

The challenge

In order to identify relevant mentions of our brand, we have to track and analyse online communication. For example, if a customer has expressed a concern about our brand, it is important to us that we respond promptly and appropriately.

On our corporate blog we regularly publish test reports and talk about recent tech trends. Thus, we need a reliable approach in order to identify relevant topics, news and publishers. We also need a reliable tool that helps us to extract relevant content from channels like YouTube which are fairly difficult to filter.

Working with Ubermetrics 

Together with Ubermetrics, we developed various scenarios and set up reports accordingly. This enables us to effectively track all relevant brand mentions, to get into contact with customers and to easily react to their requests.

The second point was a bit more difficult to implement at first. The reason for that was the enormous amount of results. However, by continuously refining our searches in the tool we are now able to automatically extract relevant content from channels like YouTube and to use it for Content Marketing activities. The learning algorithm is helping with this task in particular.


We receive the information we need within a very short period of time and can therefore quickly react to trends and topics that are interesting for our customers. The automatic and flexible reports further allow for a very precise distribution of data that ensures information flow. 

“With Ubermetrics, we get an exact overview about our most important brand mentions and relevant content.

The implementation of our project was facilitated by Ubermetrics’ intuitive user interface and the excellent customer support.”