Truffls GmbH

Trend and competitor analysis for strategic decision-making in new markets



The job app Truffls was one of the first companies in the mobile recruiting industry.


The app is an innovative and effective way for recruiters and job seekers to easily find the best talents and job offers without going through long and exhausting application processes.


The company’s mission is to revolutionize the job market. They therefore use Ubermetrics Delta to research platforms where communication about trends in the recruiting industry or the company occurs. The virality analysis shows how this communication has spread across several media segments.


With this information, Truffls already identified three new niche platforms for their marketing activities.


  • Delta helped us to increase brand awareness in the mobile recruiting industry. By analyzing competitor activities and using the Virality Analysis, we adapted our marketing strategy and realized a 20% increase in Sales.

    Clemens Dittrich
    Clemens DittrichFounder & Managing Director | Truffls GmbH