Media monitoring for supply chain

Avoid Supply Shortages and Production Disruptions

Immediately identify supply issues, intellectual property filings, legal events, and competitive dynamics that could impact supplies and production. Use Delta’s mention history to plan ahead and develop contingency strategies by researching the impact and frequency of potentially disruptive events.

Real-Time Alerts

Create alerts to immediately notify all relevant personnel when issues such as labor or civil unrest, natural disasters, weather events and commodity shortages arise.

Identify Innovative Suppliers

Discover new suppliers that can help you beat the competition. Find new materials and innovations that provide cost, quality, and sustainability advantages.


Control Your Supply Chain

Major pileup on a highway outside of  key parts supplier foreshadows delivery delays. Ubermetrics warns you in real-time, so you can immediately re-route shipments and proactively switch to alternative suppliers.

Snow storm forecasted in vicinity of 2nd tier supplier signals significant potential delays. With Ubermetrics Delta, you can adapt the production schedule to accommodate critical weather events before it’s too late.

An employee from a third-tier supplier tweeted: “@companyXX What’s up? Haven’t been paid in two months.” indicates potential financial issues and the need to source alternate providers.

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Interactive Reporting

Create comprehensive and beautiful reports with just a few clicks and share them across the organization

Automated Reporting is easy

Automatically share new insights with your team or management based on your criteria you define.


Personalized and Flexible

Use pre-defined reporting templates or easily create customized reports with drag & drop capabilities.

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