What makes us better?

More mentions = More quality

Our starter package includes 250.000 mentions/month. This is up to 10 x the amount of mentions compared to our competitors.

Full transparency on pricing

With Ubermetrics Delta you are always in control. No surprises. No policy limitations.

Mission flexibility

At Ubermetrics we constantly assist our customers trying to find the perfect solution in terms of search volumes and price. Contact us for details about our plans.

Measure what really matters

Using Ubermetrics virality analysis you can measure organic reach of content that matters to your company or brand and generate unique KPIs.


What is a search agent?

A search agent is a query inside Ubermetrics Delta. It is composed by simple or complex keywords. Search agents are built using broad or specific keywords with booloean operators ( OR, AND, NOT, ( ), *)

What is a mention?

At Ubermetrics we mean for “mention” the text inclusion of a monitored keyword in a post on a social media platform, blog, online media, TV or print.

How many mentions do I need?

We have several different solutions depending on the size of the search agents needed, contact us to know more about the custom solutions for your business.

What is Virality?

In Ubermetrics Delta, the virality score indicates that the content of that mention caught your target groups’ attention – it was shared, liked or retweeted. Follow these relevant conversations to understand the market needs and interests to develop ideas for future marketing and PR strategies.

What is a user?

A user is any person who uses the software and has a personal dedicated account.

What does Whitelabel mean?

A white label  is a product or service produced by a company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

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