Research & Development

In addition to our own software development, Ubermetrics have proven competent in research projects and their continuous development. We transfer the knowledge gathered in these projects into easy to use applications for our customers in communications and marketing.

We have been closely integrated into the AI research landscape since 2011 – as participants in expert talks with the German economy and research ministries as well as the chancellor, as a member of the German AI association and, among other things, in the expert commission for the German economy ministry’s AI innovation competition.  

Currently Ubermetrics is contributing to the following research projects:

QURATOR – Curation Technologies, subproject “Media Intelligence and Risk Monitoring“. The QURATOR alliance receives subsidies from the German research ministry. The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence is one of the research partners.

PLASS – The project is subsidized by the German economy ministry. Ubermetrics is involved in the subproject “Automated Mining of Sources for Supply-Chain Value Information and Processing on a Platform”.

AI market place – Ubermetrics is involved in the subproject “Intelligent Product Monitoring“, which is aimed at researching and developing AI-based monitoring of online content. KI-Marktplatz is subsidized by the German economy ministry.  

Veritas (VERIfication through Trusted ASsociation) – The project aims at supporting public opinion formation particularly in domain of health by using and analyzing news, expert and social media texts. AI based models are researched for structured information processing as well as indicators for the analysis of disinformation.

AI Marketer Ubermetrics contributes to the development of an AI backed tool to help analysts and marketing staff in their daily routine with suggestions and templates for marketing decisions. This project is subsidized by the Investitionsbank Berlin within “Pro FIT” funding and the European Fund for Regional Development.