Adwired: ‘The Core Values of a Brand Define the Guiding Principles of Communication’

Adwired: ‘The Core Values of a Brand Define the Guiding Principles of Communication’
6. September 2019 Nina Walloch

Adwired: ‘The Core Values of a Brand Define the Guiding Principles of Communication’

Adwired im Interview: "Kernwerte einer Marke dienen als Leitstern"
In 2019, Ubermetrics and Adwired kicked off a strategic partnership to develop innovative media monitoring and media analysis solutions. To outline how this partnership benefits digital communication pros, we spoke with Adwired founder and managing partner Patrick Schürmann. In our conversation, we also covered essential challenges brands face in today’s environment, key components of modern communication strategies as well as recommended tools for effective crisis communication.

Adwired - Patrick Schürmann - Managing Partner What does Adwired do?

As branding moves to the centre of communication campaigns, organisations cannot do without effective media monitoring and analyses. In this context, it is essential that all promotional and marketing activities contribute to help achieve the respective strategic objectives. This is exactly where Adwired’s press reports, brand and impact analyses come in: our offering provides brands, communicators and marketing experts with reliable data for effective decision-making.

Data collected from media sources can be very powerful – if the data has been processed properly. That’s why we rely heavily on the evaluation and analysis of big data for almost a decade now. Our learnings with regards to big data have resulted in the development of BrandTicker, one of our products. BrandTicker is a brand monitoring suite which measures how organisations and brands are perceived by their various target publics within print, online as well as social media.

Our offering mainly caters to the requirements of large enterprises; so companies that are widely discussed by the media and general public. Thanks to our data partners – especially Ubermetrics – we can offer extensive, international coverage.

Adwired - BrandTicker

What makes Adwired unique?

Content-related quality is at the centre of everything we do. We only sell services and solutions that deliver robust results and create a clear operational value-add. We achieve this by providing an effective mix of automated, yet sophisticated filtering capabilities and editorial, manual control. Our team of highly skilled editors ensures that every single press report is produced to the highest quality standards and in accordance with the specific customer requirements.

With our BrandTicker, we enable our clients to manage the perception of their brands in a holistic fashion. To do this effectively, we need access to extensive media coverage which we process using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The decades-long experience of the Adwired team allowed us to develop a thesaurus coupled with a language algorithm which reliably shows how people perceive brands, image and reputation.

While our media monitoring offering reflects the daily changes in terms of public opinion, our BrandTicker evaluates how public opinion shapes image, reputation and perception of the brand long-term. Therefore, we’re able to deliver an aggregate picture for both, marketing and communication. We believe this offering is unique, globally.

You are offering services and tools – how does that work?

We merge data from various media types – print, online and social media – within a consolidated news stream. Our customers can even integrate their own data sets. Within our media monitoring software, relevant coverage is pre-filtered electronically and this content is then, in parts, tagged in an automated fashion. An editorial team will check those results manually and can – if required – deliver additional services such as summaries, translations or sentiment analyses.

For our BrandTicker clients, the centralised news stream is further refined through a fully-automated data enrichment process. And this is the point where our unique know-how in terms of brand measurement – KPIs in particular – come into play. With this approach we guarantee that brand perception is measured fully and reliably. Naturally, all of the different Adwired tools can be integrated into one suite.

What are the key components of modern, effective communication strategies?

Fundamentally, a brand’s core values act as the guiding principles for an effective communication strategy. Still, the actual implementation of such strategies varies widely, of course, depending, for example, on the specifics of certain markets. For brands, it is important to understand whether specific activities will have the desired impact in terms of communication. Here, traditional volume-based metrics and tools are simply not effective. Just because there is a heated debate happening, this does not necessarily mean that it will be relevant for the organisation or the communication and brand objectives. In this context, our media and brand analyses help to effectively channel communication budgets in a targeted fashion.

Which media analysis instruments help during a crisis?

In a crisis, organisations need to understand whether a certain topic is just very visible or harmful to the brand. Once discussions start moving away from facts towards more emotionally charged interactions, true damage can be done. There is substantial potential for a proper crisis if a community speaks negatively about a brand and, as a result, trusts the respective organisations to a lesser degree – this is as trust is directly linked with the image and reputation of an organisation. Therefore, media monitoring is crucial to feel your communities’ pulse and, if required, to respond competently and quickly to delicate topics. The BrandTicker also measures how harmful critical discussions are for the respective brand, image and reputation. In other words, both instruments are therefore indispensable for professional crisis communication.

The BrandTicker is often quoted in the “Horizont” magazine – why?

Our approach with regards to automated brand monitoring impressed the editorial team at Horizont. Every month, they publish a ranking of the most interesting trends and developments around various brands. The team also uses content from our BrandTicker for articles displaying the financial impact of drastic changes in terms of how a brand is perceived. For us, this partnership is valuable since it very effectively demonstrates the capabilities of the Adwired solutions every month.

Adwired's BrandTicker im Horizont: "Für diese Attribute steht die Marke Glashütte bei den Konsumenten"

Adwired & Ubermetrics are partners – what are the benefits for communicators?

For us, Ubermetrics is an important partner as we can rely on a complete, international coverage of online and social media coverage data. And, Ubermetrics delivers that data reliably, on time and also in a truly unique quality.

Another crucial factor is that Ubermetrics is capable of thinking out-of-the-box – just like we do. That’s why Ubermetrics is a very valuable partner for Adwired and we are looking forward to the innovative solutions we will develop and market together.

Product development: What are Adwired’s plans?

With AI-driven technology, we will soon be able to detect and analyse trends and patterns automatically. In 2020, another topic we will focus on is to develop statistical methods which will allow us to dive into historic data to develop projections based on different scenarios.

We are also working on consolidating our instruments. We want to further simplify our visualisations so that even the most complex relationships and contexts can be displayed and understood at a glance – this will include animated charts and infographics, all powered by the latest technologies.

What are the biggest challenges for brands and how can they manage these?

A common theme in my work with clients, especially large enterprises, is that many organisations struggle to raise awareness for the respective brand values company-internally. I am not talking about such things as the logo, appearance or design but the basic concept and underlying idea a brands stand for. Only when employees internalise the strategic core of a brand, it will be possible to represent the brand externally in a sustainable fashion. That’s why many companies link up bonus payments for communicators and marketing professionals with achieving strategic brand objectives. Since we can monitor the actual performance against such objectives, the Adwired tools serve as strategic solutions contributing effectively to create a shared view of a brand.

Branding & communication – What trends should we be aware of?

The qualitative aspects of monitoring will become even more important. Many organisations already stopped using purely volume-based evaluation methods. Communication budgets can only be put to effective use if communicators understand which of the many alert signals are actually relevant – volume-based metrics simply don’t cut it. So, it is crucial to get reliable answers to questions such as: Where is the pressure coming from? Do conversations and mentions have a positive or a negative connotation? And, do the conversations, tone and topics touch on a sensitive part of the image, reputation or brand perception?


Adwired - Patrick Schürmann - Managing PartnerPatrick Schürmann

Founder and Managing Partner at Adwired
(Product Development & Project Management)

Patrick has more than 20 years of experience in developing media monitoring and media analysis solutions. In his work at Adwired, he focuses on product development, consulting and project planning.

Please get in touch with Patrick via LinkedIn or visit the Adwired website.


The Ubermetrics team thanks Patrick wholeheartedly for this interesting interview.

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