Competitor Analysis: Top 10 Tools

Competitor Analysis: Top 10 Tools
17. February 2018 Ubermetrics

Competitor Analysis: Top 10 Tools

Competitor Analysis: Top 10 Tools

The first milestone for a marketing manager kicking off a new project should be to understand the competition. “Who is doing what? How are they doing it?” Can it be done better?” The software and SaaS market offers a multitude of competitive analysis tools which are saving many hours of your time, facilitate research and help to keep track of new competitor activities via reports, alerts, analytics and benchmarking.

We recommend to start with competitors’ social media accounts and then move on to SEO/SEM and content and finally news. Thanks to marketing automation we can now track them all simultaneously, save time and focus on managing KPI-led performance instead.

Competitive analysis for SEO

Have you heard about Sistrix? Sistrix is an online marketing software toolbox that helps users to analyse and monitor their SEO activities. The platform offers several modules with which you cover different channels (SEO, SEM, linkbuilding) for competitive analysis. However, the main focus is on SEO. This tool has its own keyword databases and it is very reliable.



Raven Tools is a reporting and analytics platform that provides marketing reports and SEO solutions for enterprise agencies and media companies.
The company’s offering ‘Site Auditor‘ analyses websites and informs you what you can do to improve your site and increase your SEO power.

MOZ’ Link Explorer

Moz develops search engine and social optimisation software. The company’s Open Site Explorer is being replaced with the new powerful Link Explorer. It’s one of the most powerful SEO tools out there: Research backlinks, find linkbuilding opportunities and discover potentially damaging links with this helpful tool.

MOZ' Link Explorer

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer

Ahrefs is a provider of a website analysis toolset for search engine optimisation. Ahref’s Site Explorer provides marketers with detailed information about organic search traffic and the backlink profile of any website or URL.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Competitive analysis tools for paid ads (AdWords)

SEMrush is a provider of a competitive intelligence and analytics platform for digital marketing professionals. Wondering on which keywords your competitor are bidding in terms of their Adwords activities? SEMrush is a leading tool built exactly for this purpose. Reasonably priced, it even shows you the ad copies currently used and the average Cost-per-Click (CPC). Highly recommended!



iSpionage is a competitive intelligence platform for search engine marketers. Using iSpionage, you have access to competitor PPC data, including monthly budget, targeted keywords and Pay-per-click (PPC) strategy. You can identify profitable keywords and optimise your ads to make your company stand out.


Competitive analysis in global Media & Social Media

Ubermetrics Delta

Ubermetrics Delta is one of the leading SaaS platforms for Social Listening, Digital Analytics and Information Discovery for PR, Marketing and Supply Chain Management. The technology allows you to monitor your competitors’ online and offline activities. You can receive custom reports and real-time alerts about competitor news or activities whenever these occur.

Overview Sentiment

Social Blade

Social Blade is an online platform that provides YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram user statistics for a deeper understanding user growth and trends in your industry. You can analyse the follower count of individual brands in real-time and compare different brands with each other.

Social Blade

Track competitors with Site Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)


Alexa, an Amazon company, might offer a good starting point. The platform is analysing and keeping track (with its famous Alexa Ranking) of visits, unique visits, geolocation and various data about pretty much every website on the web. Often these numbers are not fully reliable but if you benchmark them with your own data you’ll get a rough idea about relative differences.



SimilarWeb is a digital market intelligence platform that allows marketers and businesses to analyse competitors and monitor website traffic. It provides users with insights to help understand, track and grow their digital market share. They also provide an API to integrate all data in a third party platform.


Can you think of another top tool that you are already using? Please contact us and let us know!