Digital Communications Blog: Our Top 7 Posts in 2018

Digital Communications Blog: Our Top 7 Posts in 2018
14. December 2018 Ubermetrics

Digital Communications Blog:
Our Top 7 Posts in 2018

Top 7 Blogposts 2018

Within the Ubermetrics blog, we write about the opportunities and challenges digital communicators face today – in particular, the impact new technologies and digitalisation will have on brands, marketing and digital PR. Throughout 2018, we informed our readers for example about the potential of voice technology, clarified the enormous risk that deepfakes present for reputation management and discussed the limited yet exciting possibilities of PR automation. We’ve also had some interesting conversations with leading fashion influencers such as Gitta Banko and La Coquette Italienne and also spoke with technology leaders such as Marcus Falck, founder and CTO of event app MeetApp.

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Here are our most popular posts of 2018 – ranked by page views:

#7 – As a PR pro, should you Reddit?

As a PR pro, should you Reddit?

Reddit continuously increases its global reach and already has impressive engagement rates. However, the majority of PR pros are still not proactively integrating the online platform into their research, outreach and campaign activities and overall communication strategy. Read on to learn how Reddit can become an effective channel for you.

#6 – Media Relations: How to work with AI-driven newsrooms
AI in Newsrooms

In the past few years, newsrooms have started capitalising on AI and other new technologies to expand their capabilities. We explore what this means for PR pros, how it might affect their activities, approaches and workflows and how AI in newsrooms will evolve in the next few years.

#5 – MeetApp CTO: ‘Event apps drive performance for both organisers and participants’

The global B2B events industry continues to grow, driven by many new technologies that help to improve the overall event experience. Reason enough for us to speak with Marcus Falck, CTO and Co-Founder of the event technology platform MeetApp, about recent industry trends, the measurement of event ROI and how event organisers can maximise the added-value of events.

#4 – The ‘Social CEO’: Why CEOs should engage via social media

Why CEOs should engage via Social Media

Entrepreneurs and other business leaders are increasingly realising the potential of capitalising on social media. But even though CEOs are becoming more comfortable with using social media, the majority of them still aren’t making it a priority. We are exploring the benefits and challenges of being a ‘Social CEO’ and give tips for an effective social media strategy.

#3 – Virtual Influencers: PR gag or next level Influencer Marketing?

Miquela Sousa for Semaine

Virtual Influencers refers to those influencers who are digital entities and currently generate a lot of attention within the industry. Some experts classify this phenomenon as a pure PR gag while others think virtual influencers have a great potential for brands. Will these influencers keep consumers as enthralled in the future or is this simply a short-term effect that will die down eventually?

#2 – New Technologies: How to use AI in Public Relations

How to use AI in PR - Ubermetrics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is largely discussed across industries, including PR and communications. Despite its promising potential, AI often evokes negative associations within the industry. In this blog post, we explore how PR pros can integrate AI in their daily work and use them to their advantage.

#1 – PR Pros: What you need to know about the Dark Web

PR Pros: What you need to know about the Dark Web

Only 4% of the internet is publicly accessible, the remaining 96% – the so-called ‘Deep Web’ is un-indexed for legitimate reasons – think of private Facebook profiles, corporate intranets and paid-for services. There is a part of the Deep Web that is sometimes used for unlawful purposes: the Dark Web. We tell you everything you need to know about the Dark Web and explore how PR pros can use the Dark Web in their work.


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