Energy Comms: RWE Leads in Visibility but E.ON Wins the Engagement Game

Energy Comms: RWE Leads in Visibility but E.ON Wins the Engagement Game
19. June 2019 Ubermetrics

Energy Comms: RWE Leads in Visibility but E.ON Wins the Engagement Game

Ubermetrics Industry Insights: Energy

Data-driven PR is immensely valuable when it comes to planning and executing effective strategies and campaigns. In addition, data, as in reporting, is also crucial when it comes to proving the value of communication company-internally as well as supporting the learning and optimisation cycle. Tools, such as the one from Ubermetrics, make it easy for communicators to use this data for insights-driven workflows.

Case in point: We’ve used Ubermetrics data to have a closer look at the German energy industry, more specifically, the topical positioning of the top four energy suppliers active within the country; namely, RWE, EnBW, E.ON and Vattenfall.

In our analysis, we included various factors, such as the overall share of specific energy-related topics within the entirety of digital coverage as well as social conversations, Share of Voice (SOV) of these major utilities and also looked at buzz, virality and reach.

We’ve uncovered some interesting results:

  • The results in terms of ‘buzz‘ clearly showed similar patterns across all four utilities;
  • Engagement: with the help of the Ubermetrics’ virality feature, we found that E.ON competently drives the conversation around the topic of e-mobility with EnBW showing a similar result. RWE dominates the conversation around infrastructure closely followed by Vattenfall which is surprising given the stark difference in overall share of voice between the two (69% RWE versus 8% for Vattenfall);
  • Our reach data demonstrates that EnBW is capable of creating substantial visibility within the topic of e-mobility whereas RWE, E.ON and Vattenfall focus on different topics broadly in the same way;
  • Overall, none of the utilities is able to take the lead in more than two energy-related topical areas.

Here is a visualisation of the data and our findings – have a look yourself:

Infographic: Topical Positioning of Leading German Energy Utilities

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