Top 10 Free-Of-Charge Social Media Monitoring Tools

Top 10 Free-Of-Charge Social Media Monitoring Tools
23. April 2018 Ubermetrics

Top 10 Free-Of-Charge Social Media Monitoring Tools

Top 15 free-of-charge social media monitoring tools - Ubermetrics

For many companies, social media monitoring is still new territory. Whether in content marketing, influencer marketing, PR or crisis management – listening to the social web is an important part of the daily work of an increasing number of companies, not only professional communicators. But which social media monitoring tool is the best for your needs? Looking for the right provider, many are faced with a wide range of tools. There are not only differences in prices but also substantial differences in the selection and the number of analysis features.

Today, we present 10 free-of-charge social media monitoring tools we think are great:

#1 – Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that allows businesses and organisations to execute campaigns across multiple social networks. The focus of the tool is the scheduling and distribution of content in 35 social networks. But it can also be used for monitoring. With Hootsuite, you can measure the performance of all your social media channels. Content can be shared based on location, language, and demographic preferences to target different groups. To get an impression of Hootsuite, companies can request a free-of-charge 30-day trial.

#2 – Social Mention

Social Mention is one of the most popular free social media monitoring tools. searches several media such as blogs, news sites, Twitter and Facebook on desired terms. Numerous statistics such as sentiment, top keywords, and sources are displayed. Social Mention aggregates data, for example about your brand name, from over 100 social media pages. Your data will be analysed based on four categories:

  • How often the keyword is mentioned (Strength)
  • Sentiment (positive or negative)
  • How likely is it that the content is shared? (passion)
  • Reach (reach).

#2 - Social Mention

#3 – Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service offered by Google. It can be used for monitoring online channels to identify new content, industry trends, conversations about your brand or information about your competitors. Google Alerts sends automatic email notifications once a result, such as articles or blog posts, matches the user’s search term(s).

Google Alerts free Social Media Monitoring tools

#4 – Twazzup

Twazzup is a real-time monitoring and analytics application for Twitter. You only have to enter a search term and Twazzup provides you with real-time updates about the top influencers, the frequently shared pictures as well as the top 10 keywords that match your search query.

Twazzup free social media monitoring tools

#5 – BoardReader

BoardReader is a search engine that crawls message and discussion boards. Users can search for keywords in posts and comment sections of those forums to see what people say about their brand.


#6 – HowSociable

HowSociable is a social media monitoring tool that measures brand names or keywords. With this tool, you can start to measure your brand’s visibility on the social web. You can also compare your brand with your competitors and learn from best practices of other businesses.

How Sociable

#7 – Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is a social media dashboard application for managing Twitter accounts in one single platform. Users can add multiple Twitter accounts, schedule tweets and monitor users, hashtags, search terms and lists.


#8 – BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a content marketing platform that offers data-driven content discovery, social insights and influencer analysis for digital marketers. The platform assists in the identification of current topical themes and influential opinion leaders. It is a popular tool for content marketing managers. You can decide whether or not you want to receive alerts when your search term is used online. The free version is limited to the results of a maximum of 5 pages.


#9 – TweetReach

TweetReach is a statistics tool for Twitter analytics which helps users measure the reach of users and tweets. Similar to BuzzSumo this tool can be beneficial for identifying current topical themes and influential opinion leaders for your marketing activities.


#10 – Followerwonk

Followerwonk is another Twitter Analytics tool that helps marketers to find and analyse Twitter accounts and optimise their own activities for social growth. They can analyse follower demographics and activities, identify and connect with influential opinion leaders and share their findings with their team in regular reports.


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Can you think of any other social media monitoring tools that we should include in our list? Please contact us and let us know!