Location-Based Media Monitoring Added to Ubermetrics Platform

Location-Based Media Monitoring Added to Ubermetrics Platform
20. June 2018 Julian Volland

Ubermetrics Added Location-Based
Media Monitoring

Ubermetrics Delta is one of the most advanced social and digital listening tools available anywhere. We’re happy to announce that we further enhanced our platform’s capabilities by adding an easy-to-use geo-specific search, filtering and visualisation option as a new feature for our customers.

Location-based media monitoring added to Ubermetrics platform

Keyword-based monitoring tools are great at delivering insight into campaign effectiveness at a global level. However, global monitoring views can easily lead to ignoring important local social or digital signals. With Ubermetrics’ new ‘Geo-Location’ feature, Delta users can now discover, collect and analyse all social chatter and digital content within any selected country. This way, Ubermetrics now enables content mapping to define brands’ digital location identity. That’s why our new feature will help you to understand the geo-specifics of social conversations and digital content in relation to a brand, a product or competition.

Additionally, you can now also export all geo-specific data for further analyses including up to 200 data points.

The new Ubermetrics ‘Geo-Location’ feature enables users …

#1 – To learn where conversations are happening: Search and analyse real-time social and digital news feeds by location to uncover geo-specific social media posts, digital content and trends anywhere in the world.

#2 – To understand what your target audience is talking about, locally: With ‘Geo-Location’, communicators can now get a comprehensive view of what’s being said about their brand or product in a particular country.

#3 – To understand brand performance at a country level: Gain valuable insights, such as trends or sentiment, to understand how your brand performs locally.

#4 – To identify your local influencers: Through filtering social media influencers by location, you can easily spot relevant brand ambassadors or identify negative comments early on.

#5 – To improve communication effectiveness: The analysis of geo-specific content will help you to better connect with your target audiences by integrating local cultural aspects or local hashtags.

#6 – To create more specific campaigns: Filter conversations and digital content by both keywords and location and identify differences between regions for more neatly targetted campaigns.

#7 – To manage crises more effectively: Our new feature enables you to pinpoint the location from where a possible crisis originates and take immediate action.

#8 – To work more efficiently: By enabling you to easily monitor your global brand performance locally, ‘Geo-Location’ saves time and effort. International teams can also organise content management tasks more efficiently by focusing on their respective local audience only.

Our Customer Success team is happy to help and will provide hands-on support to transform location-based “big data” digital signals into actionable business insights.

Do you already use geo-location-based social and digital media monitoring? If not, contact us today.

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