Major Upgrade to Ubermetrics’ Media Source Coverage in Europe

Major Upgrade to Ubermetrics’ Media Source Coverage in Europe
18. March 2019 Jakob Cuber

Major Upgrade to Ubermetrics’ Media Source Coverage in Europe

Major boost to Ubermetrics media source coverage in Europe

The available quantity and quality of online media sources, as well as mentions and discussions within the social web, are hugely significant to our customers. Only with the best such coverage available, PR & Marketing pros can effectively measure, evaluate and optimise their communication activities. That’s why we’re happy to announce that Ubermetrics now covers a total of more than 460 million media sources globally.

Here are the upgrades for Europe in detail:

  • Germany: 40% growth in media sources
  • Sweden: 25% growth in media sources
  • United Kingdom: 25% growth in media sources
  • Western Europe: 30% growth in media sources
  • Eastern Europe: 15% growth in media sources
  • YouTube: 100%; complete coverage of all videos and comments
  • Instagram: Improved coverage
  • Twitter: 100%; complete coverage
  • Forums: 52% growth in terms of number of mentions
  • News websites: 50% growth in terms of number of mentions

For an update on our media source coverage growth for the Americas and AsiaPac, please see our blog.

AI-Driven Media Monitoring Technology

We also massively enhanced our monitoring technology to secure that our customers continue to receive their coverage reliably and in real time. Our powerful, AI-driven engine can now process more than 50,000 mentions per minute. That’s why our customers will not miss any relevant coverage and mentions and can use this data for the analysis and evaluation of their communication activities.

Simplified User Interface

In addition, we redesigned the media segments view in our software into four new groups called ‘Social’, ‘Online’, ‘Community’ and ‘Offline’. The new grouping provides for a much-improved experience in terms of a simplified overview and ease of use. For example, from now on our customers can find data and content from Twitter, social networks, pictures as well as YouTube hits under the ‘Social’ tab. Of course, it is still possible to search for and filter individual segments.

All additional media sources and functionalities are now fully available for all customers.



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