Social Media Monitoring as Content Marketing Tool

Social Media Monitoring as Content Marketing Tool
21. June 2016 Ubermetrics

Social Media Monitoring in the Content Creation Cycle

Content marketing is on everybody’s lips. Most of the time content marketing is mentioned is within the SEO world, then being associated to Social media marketing or inbound marketing. Robert Rose says provocatively: “ Content Marketing is about telling the world you’re a rockstar, content marketing is about proving it.” At Ubermetrics, big data and content marketing tool provide, we go for a simpler definition of content marketing: Create various forms of tailored content for a target audience, to positively influence business related factors.

Some goals could be for example:

  • Set individuals as “Think Leaders” therefore as expert in that branch. (Develop authority)
  • Raise awareness, interest and demand for a product or service (Lead generation)
  • Increase loyalty among customers (Customer loyalty)



We think content marketing strategy has to be interpreted in  a cycle.

Content creation and planning: define target groups, themes, content, formats, deadlines and channels

Production: The marketing team produces the tailored content and releases it

Promotion and spreading (also known as “seeding”) This refers to the content dissemination and its preparation for the target audience through many meaningful channels: Whether paid, earned or owned media.

Monitoring and optimization: every marketing activity wouldn’t exist without proper performance verification and reporting. How successful were the activities? How strong was its reach? How was often did the audience share it?

How many interactions? And finally how much of this content has helped to achieve the predefined goal. Based on these reports the marketing content will be repeatedly tested and optimized before the cycle starts all over again.

If you want to measure where your content got the most interactions, which sentiment is surrounding your brand, company or employees. Or even how viral and deep the tailored content can go, then media monitoring plays a crucial role in your content marketing strategy.

Design and planning require creativity, inspiration, good knowledge of the target group and topic-related expertise.

How can we make smarter decisions for our content?

Which content is relevant and effective for my business?

Let’s talk about another marketing milestone: influencer marketing. How to spot magnetic influencers in the crowd? How do we measure their reach on the target audience?

Even at the promotion and seeding stage the right social media monitoring tool is a powerful weapon. Thus, for example, to identify influencers possibly willing to interact with the product, brand or company and boost its visibility. Media monitoring makes all this visible and accessible anytime and anywhere.

Learn more about how media monitoring can help the content creation process downloading our Content marketing Tool Whitepaper here.