Top “Energy” Organisations on Twitter in Germany

Top “Energy” Organisations on Twitter in Germany
5. June 2019 Ubermetrics

Top “Energy” Organisations on Twitter in Germany

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Even more so than in other industries, communicators within the energy industry are faced with the truly complex challenge of addressing and engaging with various stakeholder groups – such as customers, regulators and other public bodies, NGOs, consumers of course and a whole array of other organisations active within their environment – in real time. In addition, they also have to identify relevant influencers, topics, trends and monitor competitors’ activities in order to integrate related insights into their communication strategies.

Therefore, reliable access to relevant data and powerful tools is crucial for effective communication, analyses and optimisation efforts.

The Ubermetrics tool is of effective help here: To understand organisations as well as individuals driving the conversation within the energy industry, we looked at data collected within the first quarter of 2019 and analysed various factors – such as reach, the number of followers, virality as well as communication activity/frequency – and put together the below infographic listing the ‘Top “Energy” Organisations on Twitter in Germany‘:

The data was collected from 1st January to 30th April 2019. The focus was on organisations primarily tweeting about energy-related topics such as photovoltaics, renewable energies, e-mobility, infrastructure, digitalisation, transformation, smart home and others.

This list was put together with the help of Ubermetrics author and virality analysis. Ubermetrics defines virality as a mixture of shares and comments.

This list will be updated every quarter.

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