Ubermetrics ‘Impact Score’: Measure Communication Impact Across Channels

Ubermetrics ‘Impact Score’: Measure Communication Impact Across Channels
3. February 2020 Julian Volland

Ubermetrics ‘Impact Score’: Measure Communication Impact Across Channels

Ubermetrics Impact Score

The advent of sophisticated digital technologies was supposed to make communicators’ lives easier: More options to reach customers, improved tracking methods and better attribution technology are supposed to help to connect the dots between campaigns and results. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out the way many expected. 

With technology evolving and the number of possible communication channels exploding, accurately measuring the impact of communication efforts, in fact, became almost impossible. Even the most sophisticated communication experts still struggle to measure and optimise their cross-channel digital marketing results.

Until now. 

For the first time, Ubermetrics has developed the Impact Score – a cross-channel communication metric that effortlessly measures results across earned, paid and social. Flexible and easy-to-use, the Ubermetrics Impact Score measures reach, virality and sentiment for each channel, standardises channel-specific impact into a common framework and combines those results into one simple score that encompasses multi-channel communication efforts – all within the Ubermetrics tool. 

How the Ubermetrics Impact Score Works

Ubermetrics creates proprietary, channel-specific scores that incorporate reach, virality and engagement. The reach component uses a visibility factor to estimate the number of people who have actually seen a mention. The virality component accounts for all interactions with a mention such as likes, shares and comments. Mention sentiment can be incorporated to reduce or increase overall positive impact. Furthermore, companies can customise the Impact Score to reflect their current paid advertising value per impression (CPM/1000) and cost per click (CPC). 

In equation format, our Impact Score looks like this:

Reach x Visibility x (CPM/1000) + Virality x CPC = Impact Score

The Impact Score enables communicators to quickly compare earned and paid media results across channels and campaigns, enabling them to benchmark against competitors and standardise the measurement of communication impact in a quantifiable way.

The Ubermetrics Impact Score can help customers in a variety of use cases, including:

#1 – Benchmark Communication across Media Types

Working with metrics such as reach or virality is often insufficient to optimise multi-channel spend. The Ubermetrics Impact Score standardises impact across channels with an unbiased, data-driven score so that communicators can easily understand and analyse their campaign portfolio and optimise results.

Benchmark Communication across Media Types

#2 – Optimise Crisis Communication

Earned media is not always positive. In the case of industry-wide crises, who is affected the most? Ubermetrics’ Impact Score provides an easy and fast way to determine if it’s better to maintain a low profile or aggressively respond to the situation in a high-profile manner. While relying on reach and virality alone could be misleading, combining both metrics with the sentiment can help competently manage crisis situations and protect corporate reputation.

Impact Score - Optimise Crisis Communication

#3 – Understand, Measure and Optimise Total Impact

You might discover peaks in communication volume, reach or virality: A large newspaper writes a positive article about your brand or an influencer endorses your new product. Monitoring individual metrics does not provide you with the full picture. With the Ubermetrics Impact Score, you can easily analyse and measure the actual impact of your communication.

Impact Score - Understand total impact

Ubermetrics Impact Score – FAQ

How do I access the Ubermetrics Impact Score?

The Impact Score is available for all Ubermetrics customers. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.

Where do I find the Impact Score within the Ubermetrics tool?

You can find the Impact Score next to individual mentions. Ubermetrics customers can also customise the configuration in the settings.

Which data is included within the Ubermetrics Impact Score?

The Impact Score considers the number of people reached by an article (reach) and the number of people who interacted with an article (virality). It can also be adjusted by sentiment – where appropriate – as an optional feature. 

You can customise the Impact Score using configuration options for different media types to fit individual and industry needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to the Ubermetrics customer service team.

How can I customise the Ubermetrics Impact Score to fit my organisation’s KPIs?

In the configuration of your account you can personalise the following settings:

  1. Insert your company’s average CPM for different channels and social platforms.
  2. Include custom visibility factors (organic reach per post / number of followers) and adjust them to account for relative importance.
  3. Insert your current cost per click (CPC) (or cost per action (CPA)). These can be adjusted to reflect the value of public endorsements through likes and comments relative to your paid click campaign.

Do I need to configure or customise CPM and CPC values before I can use the Impact Score?

No, you can rely on Ubermetrics’ defaults which follow current industry research, for example, CPC and CPM, Facebook and YouTube visibility factors and offline data. Nevertheless, you can customise these values to fit your individual needs anytime. If you want to learn more about Ubermetrics Score setup and configuration, please contact our customer service team.

Do I get the Impact Score for all types of mentions?

Yes, the Impact Score is provided for all mentions across all media types.

Is the Impact Score data included in my exports?

Yes, you are free to export any of the new data points for further external analyses.

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