Ubermetrics interviews Pinterest: ‘Professional content on Pinterest is essential to the user experience’

Ubermetrics interviews Pinterest: ‘Professional content on Pinterest is essential to the user experience’
17. December 2019 Falk Rehkopf

Ubermetrics interviews Pinterest: ‘Professional content on Pinterest is essential to the user experience’


Pinterest has been on the rise since its conception in 2009. Initially more of a mood board exercise for DIYers, it turned itself into a powerful visual search engine with a much broader appeal. Today, Pinterest is not just a popular platform for consumers to discover new ideas, but also for B2C brands, in particular, to reach and engage target audiences. In the third quarter of 2019, Pinterest amassed more than 322 million monthly active users around the world.

However, Ubermetrics believes that Pinterest also offers opportunities for B2B communicators which we’ve outlined in our recent post ‘The Value of Pinterest for B2B Communicators‘.

Integrating Pinterest into your communication mix can, therefore, make a substantial difference and it is definitely a great channel that communicators should leverage. That’s one of the topics we discussed with Philip Missler – Country Manager DACH & Nordics at Pinterest – who is responsible for building the advertising business in the region. We also spoke with him about Pinterest’s potential for B2B communications, the platform’s new advertising formats and ways his organisation actively fights fake news.

Philip Missler_PinterestWhat makes Pinterest different and why should B2B communicators integrate the platform into their communication mix?

On Pinterest, brands have the opportunity to effectively reach target groups who are looking for inspiration and discover ideas through visual content. What makes Pinterest unique is the mindset of our Pinners – this is how we call our users. They use Pinterest to find a variety of ideas – from what to cook for dinner, how to decorate their homes or what to wear to work. With Christmas just around the corner, we witness the largest seasonal moment of the year with many people planning their Christmas holidays. This is also a great opportunity for businesses: they can reach those people who are open to discovering new things and actively consider what to do or buy next.

Businesses also use Pinterest to get inspiration for marketing, branding, packaging or graphic design. We recently published a report that shows how SMBs are successfully integrating Pinterest into their communication strategies.

Can you share some insights about Pinterest Ads? Which brands have successfully integrated Pinterest into their strategies?

We launched Pinterest Ads in the DACH region in March 2019 and received positive feedback from businesses so far. REWE, Otto and Tchibo are some of the first organisations that started using Pinterest Ads in Germany.

Pinterest Ads

Our advertising format includes the so-called Promoted Pins, enabling brands to reach more people who are potentially interested in their products and services. These Pins work just like regular Pins: they can be clicked or saved on boards. Brands can buy Promoted Pins directly through the Pinterest Ad Manager.

The great thing about Pinterest is that the needs of our users are aligned with the needs of brands. Users want to find and try new things and brands want their content and products to be discovered. Consequently, professional content is not only welcome on Pinterest, but it is, in fact, essential to the user experience.

Fake news, deepfakes, dis- and misinformation pose challenges for brands. What does Pinterest do to protect its users and clients in this respect?

Pinterest is a platform for inspiration and there’s nothing inspiring about harmful or misleading content – therefore, we do not want any such content on Pinterest. Our focus is to create a positive experience for our users and we are dedicated to implementing effective approaches in order to put this into practice.

First of all, we introduced transparent policies which are aligned with the mission of the company: to provide all users with inspiration to create a life they love. We want to be an inspiring platform for our users and look to create policies that help make Pinterest an empowering and welcoming place for everyone.

We are aware that such policies are just the first step. That is why we work hard to enforcing those policies in a way that enables us to limit Pinners’ exposure to harmful content. We use a combination of human review and automated tools – including machine learning – to find and remove such content.

In order to make these approaches more reliable, we also regularly seek advice from external experts to help understand certain types of content and how we can improve our tools to combat fake news and disinformation on Pinterest.


Philip Missler_PinterestPhilip Missler

Philip Missler is Pinterest’s Country Manager DACH & Nordics. Prior to Pinterest, Philip was Managing Director of Amazon Advertising in Germany and Italy, substantially growing the organisation’s advertising business across both markets.

Ubermetrics thanks Philip wholeheartedly for this interesting interview!

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