Ubermetrics Launches New ‘Advanced Search’ Features

Ubermetrics Launches New ‘Advanced Search’ Features
29. November 2018 Jakob Cuber

Ubermetrics Launches New
‘Advanced Search’ Features

This week, Ubermetrics launched a whole range of new search agent features enabling an intuitive and effective setup of even the most complicated media monitoring search agents – delivering an enhanced user experience and more relevant media coverage results.

Even media monitoring experts sometimes struggle, or simply don’t have the time, to create or optimise search agents. That’s where our new features come in: Autocompletion, Highlighting or the Simplified Visualisation help to set up searches faster and increase the relevance of your search results; thus reducing time spent and complexity directly impacting results.

These new product capabilities follow the recent launch of our geolocation feature, an easy-to-use geo-specific search, filtering and visualisation option within our Content Intelligence & Analytics platform.

Of course it’s still possible to have searches set up by our Customer Success team. We’re always happy to help!

The added-value for all Ubermetrics users:

New visual aids allow more control: This facilitates an accurate initial search setup and makes it easier to further optimise the structure of a search over time. Search operators are now highlighted visually and users can see at first glance where, for example, parentheses begin and where they end.

Higher levels of accuracy: The new search functions reduce complexity and aide in avoiding mistakes.

Autocompletion helps to focus: The search technology supports you by suggesting search terms and setting parentheses automatically. Thus, you can worry less about structures and have more time to think about the results, analyses and campaigns.

Ubermetrics’ Advanced Search – The features

#1 – Highlighting: With our new highlighting technology, operators, parentheses and wildcards are highlighted in colour and also displayed in bold. Operators are more visible and provide a quick and comprehensive overview of the entire search structure which makes it easy to create or fine-tune searches. This is especially valuable for more complicated search agents.

#2 – Autocompletion: Thanks to the new autocompletion feature, search operators are far easier to work with. Our machine learning enabled technology identifies terms important to users and suggests them automatically for new searches. The more you work with the system, the more effective the system’s suggestions will become.

#3 – Simplified Visualisation: This is a very helpful feature – especially for complex search queries. You can show and collapse whole paragraphs using parentheses and tabs. This enables you to focus on what counts.

#4 – Text Manipulation: Editing the text is now possible in our in-app editor. You can change multiple words at the same time which is particularly useful for searches with a higher level of complexity.

#5 – Shortcuts: We’ve also integrated quite a few shortcuts into our system. To get an overview of all possible commands, simply click F1 within the Ubermetrics platform editor. You can then navigate through all the commands by using the arrow keys.


Our Customer Success team is happy to help and will provide hands-on support in case you have any questions.

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