Create a Better Creative Process

Big Data in Your Creative Planning Process

Create a Better Creative Process

Incorporating Big Data and public information streams into your content marketing strategy

“Today you will find no campaign that does not take into account digital and social media. Ubermetrics provides from the start a distinctly more strategic and effective planning of creative process.”

Michael von Bach, Head of Strategy at thjnk

The media, its actors and the way it is consumed have changed dramatically in the last decade. To win business in today’s hyper-competitive environment you cannot rely on outdated or limited sources. Getting aligned with today’s media landscape also means changing how success is measured, campaign and media planning and campaign controlling. The ultimate challenge, however, is to present transparent, meaningful and resilient KPIs to support decision-making within the creative process. KPIs for Paid Media are easy to come by and every media player knows about them – but what about Earned Media? Making decisions based on the latest, most relevant information at the right moment and proving success to clients, decision makers, and media planners has become a matter of utmost importance.

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In short, this white paper will demonstrate how you can effectively integrate Big Data into your Content Marketing strategies and tactics.

This white paper will provide insights on how to manage data, evaluate, define and measure KPIs in the creative and publishing industries.

It showcases how thjnk – one of Europe’s leading creative agencies – joined forces with Ubermetrics to update their internal and their clients’ digital transformation processes using meaningful and actionable KPIs.

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