Project Outline

AI Marketer supports companies in optimizing their digital marketing. Alerting will hint to non-optimal functioning campaigns and AI Marketer will provide suggestions of how to overcome this situation, find interesting target audiences, analyze social media data and actively suggest possible campaigns. It also provides reasons for anomalies, not just those found in the data, e.g., if sales rise or fall significantly or why traffic nosedives or bulges. Root cause analysis will apart from the collected data also analyze an event database containing events extracted from social media data. This will consider events such as football world cup, severe weather events, pandemics, vacations, regional holidays, etc. In addition, AI Marketer provides interesting insights and automatically generated dashboards about the performance of the digital platform and marketing activities to the users.


Analysts and marketing staff maintain the overview and can focus on business without constantly checking whether anomalies or irregularities occur. AI Marketer is designed as a platform capable of combining news and insights from various systems and sources.